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As a Hooping instructor, I provide various hula hoop training sessions. I offer standard hula hoop classes where everyone is welcome, couples classes, pre/postnatal classes, and more to come.

    Whether you are years away from ever even thinking of babies or you’re a great grandparent to many, our hoop classes are for you! Check out my calendar for upcoming events or simply register for a private session.

For pre/postnatal women, I guide you on various safe and appropriate exercises to be performed during pregnancy and postpartum period. Included in each session is information on relaxation, comfort measures, breathing techniques, and encouraging the students to communicate with their caregivers. Medical advice is not given, but referrals to appropriate studies and published books are within my scope of practice. I will work with pregnancies which do not fall into the high risk category.

Unfortunately, I cannot work with women who develop complications during their pregnancy. In the postpartum period, exercise routines are started after receiving a release from the attending physician. Under normal circumstances, a full routine can be started at  their website six weeks after a vaginal birth and at  click this link now three months after a cesarean birth. Medical advice is not given, although referrals to appropriate studies and publications are within the educator’s abilities. Classes are available on an individual or group basis. For questions or for more information, please contact me.

 Hoop Class- $20 per class
Pre/Postnatal Hoop Class- $20/class OR click here to save on packaged deals now!