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buy clomid cheap      As a Labor Doula I attend the birthing family before, during, and just after the birth of the baby. I provide emotional, physical, and informational support to expecting mothers in an effort to ensure a safe, satisfying, and empowering birthing experience.

order zestoretic      During the second or third trimester of the pregnancy I meet with the parents in order to get acquainted, learn about the history of this pregnancy, hear about any prior birth experiences, and answer any questions the family may have. I also assist with the birth plan, teach relaxation, visualization, and breathing skills useful for labor.

My goal is to provide the mother with comfort and support. At a point determined by the woman in labor, I will come to her and assist her by helping her to rest and relax, using a variety of helpful positions and comfort measures, encouraging nutrition and fluids in early labor, basically helping the environment to be one in which the woman feels secure and confident. Again, I am constantly focused on the comfort of both the woman and her partner and providing them with information on their birth options.

I support the birthing woman and encourage her to seek care and a place of birth that most closely mirrors her values and needs. Regardless of where she chooses to birth her child, from home to hospital, I provide her and her partner support. Through changing hospital shifts and alternating provider schedules I am there to serve the mother as her labor coach. In order to provide the mother with added comfort, I am there to provide her and her partner informational support throughout the entire labor.

I encourage and promote self-advocacy, informed choice, and excellent communication between the mother and care providers. I work cooperatively with the health care team. In the event of a complication, I can be a great asset when it comes to understanding what is happening in layman’s terms and what options the family may have. During the first hour after birth, I can help with the initial breastfeeding and in preserving the privacy of the new family.

It is not within a labor doula’s scope of practice to offer medical advice or perform any medical or clinical procedure

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